Business Tools

Finding the right online software for all of your business tasks.

We take the worry out of business software. Our IT consulting service will provide you with easy to use, cost effective business solutions using the best of cloud computing. Whether you’re setting up business email, looking to take payments online, syncing your web shop customers with your accounting software, or anything else your business needs, we can help. We offer a range of business IT solutions that are designed to work well together, and effortlessly scale with your company. We look outside the status quo for simple yet elegant solutions for everyday business management tasks. We know the best solutions at any given moment and constantly reassess for our benefit as well as yours.

Data Storage & Backup

We work with only the best names in data storage. Whether you’re looking to backup files or host a huge database, we can help you find a rock solid, cost effective solution. Cloud storage is now in many cases cheaper than conventional on-site storage solutions. Make your life easier with managed cloud storage.

Email, Email Marketing & VOIP

Hosted email such as Gmail is an excellent way to boost company collaboration, as well as backup company email in the cloud. We can configure your company Gmail, and enhance it with a variety of additional apps. We can also help with you with email marketing systems such as MailChimp, mass email systems such as Mandrill and cloud VOIP systems such as Grasshopper.

IT Security & Privacy

We LOVE security and privacy projects. Secure computers, networks, data and communications make us happy! We have LOTS of options for you. Individual and company privacy is something we believe strongly in. Whether you’re looking to secure company computers or encrypt your entire network, let us help.

Customer Relationship Management

Get a leg up on competition by automating client contact and through detailed customer insights. We currently work with a wide variety of hosted CRM solutions and almost certainly have a solution that meets your needs. Whether you have 10 clients or 10,000, we know what CRM has the features you need.

Cloud Apps & Integrations

If you’re looking to make your business software “play nice” together, talk to us. No one likes repetitive data entry or having information spread across multiple softwares. We deal with a range of business solution providers, and can help you integrate and automate your business IT. If you want your Shopify customers automatically entered into your accounting, your helpdesk tickets added to your CRM, or anything in between, we can make it happen.

Payment, Accounting & Customer Support Solutions

We have worked with many payment, accounting and customer support vendors and can assist with decision making and implementation. We currently work with and recommend solutions such as Stripe, Xero, and Zendesk.

Need help with taking control of your business software?