One question that we are often asked is why we use WordPress to build websites. Here at WebWoodsmen, we love WordPress for hundreds of reasons, but figured we’d stick to a good ol’ Top Five list to share our favourite ones with you.

1. WordPress gives you open source freedom

WordPress is an Open Source software that is built by a large community of developers and is not owned by any one company or an individual. With WordPress you and your website won’t be tied down by licensing fees or by a proprietary software that only a few people know how to use. You can have complete control over your WordPress website, and are free to move to a new web designer, site manager or theme developer whenever you want to.

2. WordPress has a huge support community

WordPress has become the most popular website publishing platform in the world, with over 72 million websites running on it. There are literally thousands of users, designers and developers working with, testing and improving WordPress on a daily basis. This huge and passionate support community means that awesome new functionality is added to WordPress all the time, and ensures any bugs in the software are caught and fixed quickly. The knowledge base for WordPress is also massive, with hundreds of forums, websites and blogs dedicated to everything WordPress. If you ever need help with your WordPress site or have a question on how to change or customize something, a quick Google search will usually find an answer.

3. WordPress is user friendly

WordPress is exceptionally user friendly, and can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. The admin panel is intuitive to use, and you don’t need coding knowledge to do basic tasks like add content to web pages or publish new blog posts. If you can use your computer to browse the internet or create a document, you can probably learn to use WordPress. For those who do know or are willing to learn HTML, CSS and a little php, the sky’s the limit with WordPress. Nearly every aspect of a WordPress site’s look and function can be tweaked, customized, or completely overhauled.

4. WordPress has almost limitless functionality

If there is something that your WordPress website doesn’t do that you wish it would, there is usually a plugin for that. Plugins extend the functionality of the basic WordPress software in all sorts of ways, from adding a simple contact form to your site to adding an entire online shop. There are already tens of thousands of different plugins to choose from, some free, some paid, some great, some not. By adding plugins, you can create a website that does anything your imagination desires.

5. Search engines love WordPress

WordPress is popular with search engines, especially Google, right out of the box. Google crawls websites for keywords, and then ranks sites in large part based on how many relevant keywords it has found. WordPress is structured so that keywords can be included in all the places that Google looks for information – permalinks, website title, page and blog titles, and images. Google also loves websites with fresh content, and WordPress certainly encourages that by making it so easy to add new blog posts and update information on your site. Of course, if this in-build search engine optimization isn’t enough for you, then there’s a plugin for that! There are several amazing SEO plugins that can maximize your chances of your site ranking high in search results.