Website Builder

Beautiful, powerful, user friendly websites built with WordPress and Shopify.
Website Builder We build beautiful websites that stay genuine to your organization’s individual identity, with clean and intuitive layouts your visitors will understand. All of our websites are built on a strong foundation, with powerful functionality, security, speed and search engine friendliness in mind. We build new sites and convert existing sites, we build shops, we build blogs. We work exclusively with WordPress and Shopify because we believe they are the very best solutions for business.

All WordPress Website Packages Include:

Framework Platform

Websites are built on a user-friendly framework that is flexible, powerful and regularly updated


We’ll install the world’s best SEO plugin and submit your site to Google, Yahoo and Bing


Security Plugins

Your website will be equipped with the best WordPress security measures available


Child Theme

Site customizations are placed in a child theme and will never be overwritten by updates

Google Analytics

Monitor where your visitors come from, how long they stay, and the pages they like the most

Free Website Warden for 3 Months

We take care of updates and maintenance for 3 months while you get to know your new website

Responsive Design

Websites are responsive, so they scale down and look beautiful on mobile and tablet

Image Optimization

Images are compressed and optimized so your website stays speedy for visitors and Google

Premium Web Host

We’ll set you up with a premium ethical web host so that your website is fast and has great uptime

WordPress Website Packages Start at $700 CAD

Ask us for pricing if you are interested in a Shopify online shop!

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Why WordPress?

WordPress creates beautiful, professional and powerful websites, and is also very user-friendly. This means you can easily add content, blog posts, photos and all sorts of other updates to your own website if you so desire. Because of its popularity, WordPress has a huge support and development community. If you ever have a question about your WordPress website, a quick Google search will usually find an answer, and you will never be tied down to a single website designer again! We could go on about the benefits of WordPress, but we’ll stop here and suggest you check out this blog post if you’d like to learn more. In short, WordPress puts you in control of your website, and that’s exactly how we think it should be.

Why a Framework?

We build all WordPress websites on one of several powerful frameworks. A framework is essentially a platform, built on top of the barebones WordPress software, that has a lot of additional features and functionality coded into it. That cuts down on the time it takes us to build a website, because part of the work is already done for us. The benefit to our clients is that the frameworks we select have code written to WordPress standards and best practices, have strong support communities, and are regularly updated.

Build vs. Design

Website building isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for a crazy unique site that blows visitors’ minds, you probably want a web designer. Our speciality is building blazing fast, Google-friendly sites that people love and know how to use. By building rather than designing your site, we can significantly cut development time and cost. We can have a super functional and great looking site up for you in weeks, not months, with cost savings that can be put to good use elsewhere in your business. The industry standard frameworks we build on will never tie you down to us or any other developer or site manager. You can even manage and expand upon your site yourself. It’s your website! We feel that for most businesses website building offers far more benefits than designing. Your website should look great, and it will, but it has to serve its primary purpose of effectively showcasing your services or maximizing the products you sell.

What We'll Need From You

All we’ll need from you is written content, graphics and/or photos. Who knows your business better than you? Choose your own message and the pictures and graphics that best represent you. We’ll be with you every step of the way with advice, suggestions and corrections as necessary. Working this way ensures we get your website finished fast and for the right price while ensuring your visitors see the message you want them to. However, if you are totally stuck on wording or graphics, we work with several talented copywriters and graphic designers who can certainly help you out. Just let us know!