Who We Are

And what we're about.

Us in a Nutshell

WebWoodsmen is an ethical IT company with a passion for the outdoors and supporting sustainable industries. With the explosion of cloud computing, there is an overwhelming abundance of online tools promising to revolutionize your business. Some will, some won’t. Our team spends countless hours researching and selecting the best of these solutions. We’ve made it our mission to deploy elegant yet robust solutions at a fair and understandable cost. In a nutshell: We take care of your most crucial and demanding IT needs so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Our Roots

WebWoodsmen grew out of the desire to bring our knowledge of IT in line with our passion for sustainable living. We’ve worked in IT for a diverse range of industries, helping companies using outdated, inefficient and overpriced solutions find a better way to approach their IT. Through WebWoodsmen, we provide IT to the people and companies making a positive change locally and globally. Those bringing local, sustainable, ethical back to the mainstream. The growers, the craft brewers, the tailors, the cottage industries – anyone with a passion for ethical business. We built WebWoodsmen for you.

Our Thoughts on Ethics and Sustainability

How do we define ethics and sustainability? It’s impossible to condense such a complex subject into a few lines, but put simply we believe in a few fundamental things: Using resources responsibly, only taking what you truly need. That means buying quality goods with timeless style. Reusing, upcycling and recycling. Enjoying the outdoors while respecting that wildlife and ecosystems have the right to exist and persist. Preserving local manufacturing and food production systems to create strong, self sustaining communities free of human rights abuses. Everyone has their own views on what’s ethical and what counts as sustainable, so we expect our views will be different to yours. That’s what makes this topic so dynamic and interesting. Can we create positive global change? So long as there are enough of us swimming in roughly the right direction, we believe that someday we’ll get there.